_MG_1802Operating since 1985, Naaman-Eitan Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. (“Naaman-Eitan”) holds Gimel-5 status, which allows the unrestricted execution of construction works as regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Since its establishment, Naaman-Eitan has initiated, developed and executed large scale projects in all sectors including residential, historical building reconstruction work, industrial, offices and commercial, both in Israel and internationally.

Naaman-Eitan founder and operational manager Moshe Naaman has 35 years of extensive experience in the development, supervision and execution of projects involving hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Naaman-Eitan provides its clients, owners and residents with a ‘one-stop shop’ solution from project initiation up to completion and final delivery.

The comprehensive service includes:

  • Identification and purchase of land
  • Negotiation with land and asset owners for re-planning (improvement, urban regeneration etc.)
  • Guidance regarding planning procedures at all planning instances including local, provincial and national
  • Guidance regarding statutory procedures
  • Planning and securing building permits
  • Project engineering and systems planning including coordinating sub-contractors until required permits are secured
  • Construction services
  • Engineering supervision during construction
  • Recommendation of finance solutions including the identification of private investors as well as the acquisition of project bank finance
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Supervision and management of project completion stages including final delivery

Working together for more than 20 years, the team at Naaman-Eitan includes administrative professionals, project engineering professionals, site managers, experienced sub-contractors and working teams in the relevant fields of architecture, appraisal, survey, electric engineering, systems engineering, installation, finance, sales and marketing.